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I have been on a challenge of reading "30 Books in 2013" and one of the 18 books i have read so far is an interesting  one by Charles Oham entitled "Seed Business" - Thinking Big, Starting Small. The book talked about using our core competencies, gifts and talents as "seed" upon which we can build a profitable business. It went to say that that we are all in business whether we know it or not and … [Read More...]

PLR 103: Products with Private Label Rights

Entrepreneurs today have lots of options to make money from on the Internet. Venturing into private label rights is one of the most proliferating businesses online in the present. Lots of marketers are already making lots of profits it. There are lots of products that marketers can purchase that can be subjected to private label rights. But first, one must fully understand the concept of the … [Read More...]


Introducing…Social Media Plan of Attack

Do you think you know about social media? A lot of people who think they do almost don't they use it or not in the right way. If you have a business social media is a must but one thing you need to know is not to fall for the myths that go along with social media or you will just be wasting your time These are the three myths about social media that you have to be aware of: It is free. This … [Read More...]

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