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You’re tired of living paycheck to paycheck. You know that unless you take matters into your own hands, you’ll always be at the mercy of employers and companies that could cut down your hours without notice, or worse, lay you off without anywhere to go. The economy sure isn’t helping matters. With hundreds of thousands […]

Join The Internet Marketing Revolution!

I have been on a challenge of reading “30 Books in 2013” and one of the 18 books i have read so far is an interesting  one by Charles Oham entitled “Seed Business” – Thinking Big, Starting Small. The book talked about using our core competencies, gifts and talents as “seed” upon which we can build a […]

PLR 103: Products with Private Label Rights

Entrepreneurs today have lots of options to make money from on the Internet. Venturing into private label rights is one of the most proliferating businesses online in the present. Lots of marketers are already making lots of profits it. There are lots of products that marketers can purchase that can be subjected to private label […]

Stop WordPress Hackers In Their Tracks…

If the horror stories we’ve heard from site owners who lost their business to hackers and the bruteforce attack are anything to go by, then you should be concerned about your website security. Most website owners have no idea that their site has been hacked until it’s actually too late… Quicklink: **Blog Defender** The first […]

Alert – WordPress Sites Under Attack

Even if you have only been on the Internet for one week, you would have heard by now that WordPress websites are under attack. Many internet security experts have issued warnings recently about the botnet, a brute-force password-guessing attack against websites that are powered by WordPress and the providers that host those sites. HostGator noted […]

WpPicSize Plugin Resizes Your Images Effortlessly

Have you been dreaming of having your images in several different sizes? Are you thinking of resizing your images instantly and effortlessly? If your answer is ‘Yes’, then  you are in luck because  WpPicSize Plugin does just that and it is available right now! Whats’ more, WpPicSize Plugin comes with Developer & Master Resale Rights. So you  […]

PLR 102: Enter The Win-Win Business

Would you believe a person if they told you that it was possible to take another person’s work, change it anyway you please and call the edited material yours? What if that person also told you that besides being able to do so, you could actually profit from that work and not be liable for […]

15 Ways to Profit With PLR

One of the easiest and best ways to make money online is by using PLR (Private Label Right) products – especially for newbie Internet Marketers. Private label right contents (articles, templates, ebooks, articles) are privately owned contents that are written and sold by ghost writers. The buyer is allowed to buy and use the contents […]

PLR 101: Gateway To Internet Business

Since the advent of the Internet, business had been good, if not better than before. This is because the Internet provides more viable means of disseminating information about the products and the business all at the same time. Hence, most businesses know that the proliferation of the online business will definitely boost the income-generating potential […]