May 18, 2022


Every Child is supposed to receive care which will enable him or her to not only survive this world, but to grow and be nurtured as well. Basically the first Child care is provided by the parents but when they need, for one reason or another, to be away from home and the child then another type of Child Care come into effect.

This is the care, control, supervision, or maintenance of a child provided for compensation by an individual, just like me, for less than twenty-four hours in a day. Joyful Childcare ServicesTo the untrained eye a Childminder is just there to look after the child and watch the clock until the parents return to pick their babies but there is more to it than that. Depending on the length of time a child spend at the Care-given’s home, the childminder has the priviledge of seeing the child do many things such as talk, crawl, take first steps even before the parents!!

The Childminder does more than protect your children from harm but is also involved in the basic training every child needs in the early-years stage. ‘Thank you’ and ‘Please’ can be made to become part of their vocabulary once they are able to speak. The usage of cutlery in eating, table-manners to mention just a few. children learn more when you mix education with enjoyment and that is what we provide at Joyful Childare Services.

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