October 4, 2022

Breast Is Still Best For Stable Children

I saw the following the following research result in a newspaper recently and just want to add my ‘two-pence’ to it:

Children who are breastfed for at least four months are 2.5 times less likely to have behaviour problems by the time they are five. Just six percent of those on mother’s milk had issues compared to 16 percent of those bought up on formula milk, revealed a study of 10,000 youngsters.

Nutrients in mother’s milk may have a lasting effect on the brain development, said experts at Oxford University.

I don’t know about you but i think i agree with this study; i should as i breast-fed my three children. Apart from the nutrients mentioned in the study, the closeness you have with the child when breastfeeding create a certain bond that only you and the child can understand.

These are just my opinions. What do you think about them?

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